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Korea Council
for Investor Education

Investor Education for the establishment of a healty
and sound investment culture

KCIE operates a comprehensive online portal service for investor education ( to provide a wide array of online education programs to the Korean public.

The website is loaded with an extensive amount of web-based learning resources and information including educational videos and the School Series, which covers a range of financial topics. The portal service allows people to easily access education programs and contents of world-class both in terms of quality and quantity.

01. For general Investors

School Series

The School Series is a comprehensive set of financial education programs that focus on assorted financial topics ranging from asset allocation to retirement planning and new financial products.

Online VOD on Securities and Finance

Short educational videos on important financial topics are available through the online VOD service. They include guides to retirement planning, mutual fund investment and asset portfolio management, as well as information on pension plans and financial investment products.

Become a Smart Investor Series

The Become a Smart Investor Series is a collection of educational videos about 10 minutes in length that provide useful information on current market issues and financial products. These materials are designed to help investors remain up-to-date with changes in the financial market.

02. For Young People

Online Interactive Self-Study Programs

The Investing for Your Dreams online interactive course allows young students to study by themselves the basic concepts of finance and learn about the value of saving and investing through various tools and exercises.

Economy and Securities Hi-School Programs

The Economy and Securities Hi-School helps high school students gain an accurate understanding of basic economic concepts involving securities and finance.