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Korea Council
for Investor Education

Investor Education for the establishment of a healty
and sound investment culture

What is KCIE?

KCIE is a non-profit organization dedicated to investor education in Korea.
KCIE was co-founded in June 2005 by seven capital market-related organizations: the Financial Services Commission, the Financial Supervisory Service, the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA), the Korea Exchange, the Korea Securities Depository, the Korea Securities Finance Corporation, and KOSCOM. With KOFIA serving as the Secretariat, KCIE is a national organization having 8 regional councils devoted to investor education in their respective region.

KCIE aims to improve the financial literacy of the Korean public and ensure a healthy and mature investment culture spreads throughout the financial and capital market.

To this end, we provide a variety of online and offline investor education programs for a wide range of target groups including young people and the underprivileged. We also publish various educational materials customized to the different needs of each target group.

We work toward making sure these education programs and materials are widely delivered to the Korean public through our nationwide network of the regional councils in 8 major cities.


KCIE consists of the General Council, the Working Council and the Secretariat

  • The General Council is the ultimate decision-making body consisting of heads of the member organizations, co-chaired by the KOFIA Chairman and the KRX Chairman
  • The Working Council executes the decisions made by the General Council, consisting of senior executives of the member organizations.
  • The Secretariat (KOFIA) conducts KCIE's business activities including day-to-day operation.