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Korea Council
for Investor Education

Investor Education for the establishment of a healty
and sound investment culture

About KCIE

Since the KCIE was established in June 2005, it has been doing its utmost to create a mature investment culture and provide systematic and effective education programs to promote investor protection.

When lengthening lifespans and low interest rates are the predominant topics of the times we live in, investor education is becoming more important than ever before, as it can enhance an individual’s financial literacy, in turn enabling them to enrich their futures.

With such ideas in mind, the KCIE is providing retail investors with the opportunity to visit us and participate in customized education programs led by financial experts. We also offer options to learn about financial market analysis, asset management booklets, and online educational content.

The KCIE will take further steps to help our youth grow up to be sensible financial consumers by providing useful education programs, which include hands-on experience programs for financial investment, programs for exploring careers in the financial industry, financial textbooks, and educational learning tools.

Moving forward, the KCIE will continue its efforts to establish the best financial education system by fully reflecting our users’ opinions, so that everyone can have an easy and enjoyable learning experience about finance and capital markets.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to increase your assets through sensible financial decisions by making the most of our free education programs, and we look forward to your continued interest and support.

Korea Council for Investor Education